dossier: hacker crafts

By "hacker crafts," I mean web coding tools and skills used to produce hand-made web sites, where design and coding are intrinsic to the process of authoring "content."

This way of working gives rise to reflective states anchored in the practice of craft. It's like interweaving two modes of thinking and intrigues me, no end.

weblogs and wikis

netvironments: performing in/as code. Weblog research platform (Blogger-driven Zope archive). 2001-06.

LaurasWiki, Individual research wiki (MediaWiki). 2005-06.

laurazWiki. Individual research wiki (ZWiki). 2003-05.

laura's ProtoTools. Zope-based research on "hacker crafts." Simon Fraser University, research lab server, 2002-04.

laurazJar. Hand-rolled PIM with through-the-web editing, including calendar, wiki (ZWiki, Zope). 2003-04.

laurazWiki. Individual research wiki (ZWiki). 2002-03.

Laura's ProtoTools at Plone. Plone-based research on "hacker crafts," CSS tips and tricks., 2002-04.

pre-VoX (Vision of "X"). Faculty intranet for brainstorming, visioning, and planning, integrating wiki, weblog, and calendar (Zope with ZWiki and Squishdot). Simon Fraser University, research lab server, 2002-03.

curatorial projects

ascii animations: Artist's project by Vivian Selbo. A joint initiative of the marketing and education departments in conjunction with the North American Premier of Bernd Alois Zimmerman's "Requiem for a Young Poet." Carnegie Hall, 1999.

Drawing oN Air (dn/a): An evolving system for distributed art. Project-driven web site connecting creative practice to works of criticism, science, and popular culture. Housed at ├Ąda'web, 1996-97. Now in the Net.Art Collection of the Walker Art Center.

Engaging Infrastructure: Creative practices at the intersection of art, infrastructure, and information technologies. Essays online and panel discussion in conjunction with "The Materialization of Life," exhibition organized by Ben Kinmont and his online/offline exchange project, "We Both Belong." Printed Matter, New York, NY, 1996.

Intelligent Life. Thematic hypertext map of web sites and accompanying essay. "CyberAtlas", Guggenheim Museum web site, 1997.

The Space of Information. Online component of an online/offline exhibition, including curatorial essay and web projects by John F. Simon, Jr, Edward Poitras, and Sophie Tottie. The Walter Phillips Gallery web site, Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta, Canada, 1996.

Bob Flanagan: Fight Sickness with Sickness. Online adaptation of Bob Flanagan's "Visiting Hours", with live coverage of "Bob's Birthday Party." Kino Gallery and On the Road, "HotWired", December 23, 1994 - January 15, 1995.

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